Instructions to make a one-time payment or set up autopay on

1) If you have never set up an account on, you need to create a profile by inputting your first name, last name, email address, and create a password. Once you are in the system, you need to click "+Add Account." Input your address with only your number and street name. Do not put Rd, St, Dr, etc. Then click Find Account, check off the box and click Add Account.
2) Once you set up the profile, use your email address and password to log onto
3) To make a one-time payment: click on your address and the utility details will appear. Click on the green box that says “Make a payment” and this will take you to the payment screen.
4) To set up Autopay: under Overview, locate your address and amount due
5) Next to amount due, click on “Autopay”
6) This will take you to the “Configure an Auto-Payment” page
7) Click “Recurring” to set up an automatic payment
8) Check “Notify before processing” box if you want to be notified before the autopay is initiated.
9) Choose what day on “Recur on day” and the time. Choose a start date.
10) Choose a threshold amount if you wish to ensure that the system never sends a payment over a certain amount.
11) Choose a payment method. If you choose a credit card, there will be a 2% additional processing fee added to your payment. There is no charge for a bank savings/checking account withdrawal.
12) Fill in the required information and click “Continue”
13) Check the box that states: “I agree to allow my Credit Card or Bank information to be stored to make future payments”.
14) Click “Save”
15) To check that it was set up correctly or to change it in the future, go back to overview and there will be a calendar icon next to the amount due. Click on the calendar icon and it will take you back to the “Configure an Auto-Payment” screen. From there you can edit any information. There is also a box that you can check to delete the information if you do not wish for the auto-pay to continue.