In order to serve our customers better, UMHJSA is introducing on-line billing and payment options starting June 1, 2016. These options will make it easier for you to pay your bill and monitor your accounts.


Your on-line bill will be sent to your email account via UMHJSA.MyGovHub.com after you sign up it will provide you with the same information as our current mailed bills. You can CLICK on the link on the bill and enter either your bank information or credit/debit card information for payment. Note that there is a 2% transaction fee charged for credit/debit card payments to defer a portion of the transaction fees charged to us.

Monitor your account. Please do not use doxo.com to pay your UMHJSA bills. This third-party vendor adds additional fees and may delay your payment, which may result in late fee charges.

Schedule Electronic Payments for Future Date - Note that the bank payment through UMHJSA.MyGovHub.com at this time cannot be scheduled for a future date (e.g., end of the month before the bill is due). If you would like to schedule the date of your payment, please perform this payment through your bank’s on-line payment program, just like many of our customers currently do.

Payment by Checks and in Person - Payment by check can still be mailed to us at:

              2875 Terwood Road
              Willow Grove, PA 19090

Payments by check, credit/debit card and cash can still be completed at our office during office hours between 7:00 and 3:30. Payment by check can still be dropped off in an envelope with your billing stub through the office door mail slot.


You will be able to review up to 2 years worth of billing and payment information on your account through UMHJSA.MyGovHub.com.


Once you have signed up, your future bills will be sent online to you. In addition, you will receive future semi-annual newsletters from UMHJSA via email to reduce mailing costs. All email lists will be used for this infrequent UMHJSA business and not for solicitations by outside parties.