Past Due Accounts

At UMHJSA we work with our customers to make bill paying manageable. If you are having trouble paying your bill, please call us today at 215-659-3975.
However, if you become delinquent in payment, you can expect:
A late fee will be imposed on any balance past the due date at a rate of 10% of the current bill.
Accounts with balances greater than 2 billing cycles will be subject to a municipal lien being placed on the property. A $125.00 lien fee will be placed on the account to cover our filing fees. The lien will not be satisfied with the Montgomery County Prothonotary's Office until the balance is paid in full.
If there is non-payment after 45 days from placement of the lien, the account will be marked for water termination. There is a $175.00 water termination fee placed on the account to cover our expenses. The customer will receive a 10-day notice of water termination. At this point, the Authority may require the customer to pay the balance in full or execute a payment agreement. Payment terms will consist of 50% of the outstanding balance due immediately, and the balance in 6 monthly installments while still paying any current charges during that time. If the terms are not followed, water termination will continue. If water service is terminated and the account is then paid or a payment agreement is executed, any request for water restoration must be made during regular business hours. In addition, a person over the age of 18 must be at the home in order for water restoration to occur.
Again, please call us at (215) 659-3975 if you are having difficulty paying your bill.