January 11th - Designated Annual Meeting to Reorganize

January 25th

February 8th and 22nd

March 8th and 22nd

April 12th and 26th

May 10th and 24th

June 14th and 28th

July 12th and 26th

August 9th and 23rd

September 13th and 27th

October 11th and 25th

November 8th and 29th

December 13th and 27th

Please Note - All Public Meetings begin at 6:00 PM with the Pledge to the Flag at the Authority's Administrative Office at 2875 Terwood Road. The meetings may be held remotely using Zoom Video Communication in accordance with Act 15 of 2020 if there is a declared health emergency.

The second meeting of the month will be canceled, unless required for pending Authority business. Please call the Authority office at 215-659-3975 to determine whether the meeting will be held at the Authority offices or remotely, how you may submit public comment, and if there will be a meeting on the fourth Wednesday.